New 2019
Syntax Cable

Ethernet Class EA/Cat6a.
18-wire Power Multicore.
And new Digital Multipair.

Syntax, no compromise

  • Multicore Power Cable


    This 18-wire Power Multicore cable is a more compact version of the 7ZF1925E 19-wire model, intended for usage on those applications where the 19th yellow/green wire is not used. The advantages are a slimmer cable for easier handling, excellent flexibility and less total weight. The particular distribution of the inner cables and the material used for the external jacket allow a long cable lifespan even in case of  frequent winding and unwinding cycles typical of mobile usage. The PVC black jacket comply with CEI 20-22/III - IEC 60332-3-24 - EN 50266-2-4 fire resistant regulations, diameter 19,5mm.

    • Resistance of conductors: IEC 60344
      Operating Voltage: 300/500 V
      Insulation resistance: > 200 MΩ/Km
      Conductors jacket: Black PVC individually  numbered
      Outer Jacket: PVC Black = 19,5mm
      Temperature range: -30C +70C
      Standards: CEI 20-22/III - IEC 60332-3-24 - EN 50266-2-4

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  • Digital Multipair PUR


    This version of Digital Multipair cable is intended for usage on high-standard professional applications in rigorous environments, whenever excellent mechanical properties are needed. A total overall shielding made up by tinned copper braid ensures additional protection against EMI/RFI noise.
    The PUR compound outer jacket has been specifically designed for rigorous conditions in outdoor applications. It provides high shear strength and extremely long lifespan. Suitable for use on cable drum, for mobile media vehicles and wherever high abrasion resistance is needed.

    • Conductors: tinned OFC 36 x 0.07 mm - 0,14 mm - AWG 26
      Conductors jacket: white/blue low density polyethylene - 1,1 mm
      Screen: helical tinned copper mesh 95% coverage
      Pair jacket: Light blue PVC flame-retardant =3.20 mm
      Nominal Impedence: 110 Ω
      D.C.R. conductors: < 140 Ω/Km
      Capacitance cond./cond.: <  45 nF/Km

      Overall Screen: tinned copper braid 80% coverage
      Outer jacket: PUR compound black =13.0 mm
      Operating temperature: -30 +80 C

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